Don't Let Freckled Skin Disrupt Appearance, This Is How To Get Rid Of It

Brown spots on the skin of the face often make you not confident. But, take it easy. Aside from being disguised with makeup, these skin spots can be removed by certain methods. Let's first identify the causes and how to overcome them. Have you ever seen or experienced brown spots on facial skin? Apart from the face, brown spots can sometimes also be found on the hands. Not only brown, there are also those who experience reddish spots, light brown, yellow, or black. Although it is generally not a problem to worry about, some people might want to eliminate Due to Sunlight A small percentage of people have spots from birth due to heredity, but most are due to sun exposure. This spot is actually a skin cell that contains the melanin pigment. Generally spotted skin can be a sign of excessive sun exposure. These spots appear because the skin produces more melanin pigment in response to UV light. This is the reason the spots become darker after exposure to sunlight, due to increas
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